ULMA Handling Systems




ULMA is a business group committed to its people and its environment, a project that is open to an increasingly globalised world, and which focuses its businesses and operations in the areas of Architectural Solutions, Agriculture, Forklifts, Construction, Conveyor Components, Packaging, Piping and Handling Systems.

We are one of the largest business groups in Northern Spain with over 50 years of experience in the market and a clear commitment to Innovation, Employment and Added Value.

Since our inception, we have been linked to the Mondragón Cooperative Experience, where we form part of the Mondragón Corporation.


At ULMA Handling Systems we develop our activities in Integrated Engineering in Material Handling Systems through an extensive range of logistics solutions aimed at the field of automatic distribution.

With regard to Baggage Handling solutions, we design and develop integrated baggage handling systems backed by our vast industry experience and an extensive range of products and modular solutions that are tailored to the functional needs of any airport.


Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, where we offer services in both Domestic Airports and renowned International Airports.

We offer integrated logistics solutions which span the entire value chain, from systemic design of the logistics process to the in-house design of equipment for check-in, transportation, inspection systems, storage and sorting.


At ULMA Handling Systems we have a 8,000m2 production and prototype centre that houses, in turn, a test tower and showroom area.

This centre enables us to offer added value to the ULMA production processes, reducing production costs and increasing profitability ratios. Our in-house manufacturing has integrated CAD/CAM systems, a laser sheet metal cutting system with automatic feed, precision folding machines and computer numerical control machines at its disposal.

Here at ULMA we are constantly evolving and planning towards the logistics systems of the future. Innovation and personal and professional commitment to our customers are our guiding lights.


Our solution in the field of logistics software is IKLOG, a logistics suite offering an integrated solution to all areas related to logistics. In the field of airports, we provide comprehensive, reliable and accurate traceability software, enabling integration with other barcode systems, RFID ... PLC and IT control based on ULMA’s "Baggage Control System" ensures that the course of baggage may be precisely tracked.


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